As a girl growing up on Long Island, I was always kind of a tomboy. At a young age I loved sports and had a warped sense of humor. The two people I gravitated to were Howard Stern and the Doggie! What always "fascinated" me was Dogs crazy ability to "reNember" bizarre facts while mispronouncing the simplest of words.


I became a Sirius subscriber the day Howard came over. I would listen to Howard in the morning and  Doggie in the afternoon and occasionally the morning show on Dogs channel when Howard wasn't live. The morning show eventually became Evan and Phillips in the morning. As a die hard Mets fan, I wasn't thrilled with Steve Phillips, but figured "I'd give him a shot". It was great because it wasn't hard core sports in your face so early in the morning. The shows producer, Mike Babchik is your typical "guys guy", his personality and humor was ME in man form, I was hooked!!!


Early on, my favorite part of the show was when they played Dogs screw ups from his show the day before. 


Fast forward to 2013, it was World Series time, both Phillips and Doggie were there covering the event. Steve called in to Dogs show to give an update. When Doggie started the call he introduced Steve to his audience and said "Hi Steve, how are ya FAL?" In my mind he mashed Phillips and Pal together and in true Doggie form, out came FAL. It was played the next day on the morning show and many days after that. From then on, when regular listeners called in they would say "How are ya FAL?" It took off like a match to gasoline, and so FAL Nation was born! For me, when Babchik took over for Phillips as the co-host that's when the show really got some juice!! The Morning Men became appointment radio and now FAL Nation is cookin' with gas!! As corny as it sounds, this group of loyal listeners have banded together to become a true "FALmily". 


A FAL a is person from any walk of life, truckers, teachers, students, men, women, hell, we even have doctors and lawyers that have come together over our love for sports and have found that we really enjoy each other during the hours the show is not on. In true FALmily form, there's light hearted teasing and good old fashioned ball busting. We share everything, when things get rough, the FALS rally and are the most supportive. We come from all over the USA and Canada too! There are casual friendships and deep rooted soul mate connections. The great thing is YOU determine the kind of FAL you want to be!!


Come join the FALmily, listen to the Morning Men with Evan and Babs, Monday-Friday, 6-10 am on SiriusXM channel 82!!


Queen Fal ~ Debby


If you ever seen the classic space balls and darth helmet realizes he's surrounded by assholes, that's FAL-NATION except your included in the mess. It's a great time, great people, have a backbone, have wit, have a sense of humor the size of australia and enjoy the time amongst your fellow people. I joined the nation in December last year and have been and given entertainment since.



The Queen Fal, Debby from Long Island couldn't have put it any better. I was a huge Mike&Mike fan for years. Got Sirius for Howard Stern and fell into Morning Men by accident. When I first started listening it was Evan and Phillips in the morning. It was funny, enlightening and informational. I'm a huge Mets fan and having Steve Phillips on the show was bait for me to be hooked. Babchik the producer solidified me to the show. He was like me, no filter a little off color in a good natured way. That was it for me, bye bye Mike&Mike, hello Morning Men!! Hell I even joined twitter to interact with the show. Then came the fans called FALs. These people are an extended FALimly!! It makes my mornings and continues through the day to have this one thing in common. So come listen and enjoy sports, pop culture and some awesome shenanigans!!





Hello Lisa....just read the Queens take n story and it was 1000% true, n gripping. By tht I mean, it hit home, in my heart n soul. Koool shit guys, pls continue 2 do a FALnomenal job....

Fab 5 Freddie Flash




I've always been a goofy, weird guy. When I found FALNATION it was really awesome to discover other people who not only shared the same characteristics, but celebrated them! I'm happy to have met and made friends with people that otherwise would not have been possible. #Fal4Life

Tony Mitchell



I am a baby compared to most of the listeners that have been listening for 25 years. I have always been the weird kid outside the box. When I discovered fal nation looking for Dino Costa (he was off air by the time we got the new car in 2015), I discovered a place where I can let go. I have always spoken my mind for better or for worse and the famous UCONNAL embraced me with my tuba story. That kicked it off and became a legendary fal with a bunch of great people and ball busters. Through my worst moments, the fals truly came through and are slowly embracing me once again. I am different and that's okay. As long as I am me, there is a place for me to be a weird fal.

lɐɟ sɹǝʞɔɐԀ pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝΛ



Here is a very special and heartfelt message from an amazing FAL~ Raider Phil

Who am I? That's a question I have not been able to answer in 48 years. There are days when I think there is no answer to the question. I will state for the record that I am a train wreck. I deal with alcoholism on a daily basis. I have been sober for almost 3 years, but I'm nowhere near cured. I consult for a firm in Los Angeles. I work long hours, but the pay is good by Socal standards. I enjoy riding my motorcycle and am passionate about LA sports, with the exception of my beloved Oakland Raiders., who may be a bigger train wreck than me. FALNATION is a place where I belong. There are people here who love me. You guys keep me grounded. You guys give me hope. You guys make me a better person. There is one Fal who gets her own paragraph. Yes Debby that person is you. If you only knew how many times I have put a bottle to my lips only to put it down and run like hell. The reason I was able to run was YOU. Hearing you say PLEASE DON'T was all it took. You may never know what you mean to .me, but I do hope that by reading this you will have an idea. Thank you Debs. To everyone who has become my friend, and to the one who is my rock....thank you all. Knowing all of you is one of my life's true blessings.


P. Henry Taylor or Raider Phil


I started listening to Morning Men shortly after it had transitioned from Evan & Phillips. I remember listening to a man named (as I thought at the time) "Yukon Al" talk about how excited he was to see #FALNation growing. I wanted to be a part of it. I was thrilled the day I got a Morning Men Holiday Card in the mail from Babchik, when I got a FAL sticker in the mail. But, things being what they were at the time, I felt I'd never win one of the coveted FAL shirts when they were first released. So I said, hey, I love #FALNation, and #FALNation is forever. I want to rep my FALs 24/7. Only answer was to get a #FALNation tattoo. Now you can just buy the FAL gear now! I'd still do it again, though. #FALNation is blood in, blood out, I always say. I proudly wear the name of my collective new family.

Joel Najera



Married 41 year old mixed breed male looking for discreet recurring affair with a tall curvy Belgian blonde. She must have a bubbly personality and make me feel good. I'm half Tweet At Me Boy and half FAL. Member of the #ELITE #BIG3 and the undisputed record holder for calls to the Mornjng Men. International liaison with Dundee in Australia. Been here for 25 years and not going anywhere.

Donny Vantage CCF


This is Jimmy Jam....aka the One Armed Farter! Both names bestowed upon me by Mike Babcock. Stumbled upon Morning Men one day and never looked back. Put over 60,000 miles on my car last year and Babs n Evan were there will me most of those miles! Fal-nation found me and I bring an element of sarcasm to the Fal table! The wife is supportive of the Fals. Even drove me 40 minutes to hang with Babs. Fal-nation is a bunch of ragtag goofballs that I love getting stupid with! As simple as it gets! Made some great lasting friendships with this clan! Now I'm training to get crazy with ALL OF FALNATION ON MAY 7th @fal_con2016!

JimmyJam #falnation


FALNation. How'd I get there?! Nobody Cares, but let's be honest, I am going to tell it anyway. I grew up listening to Stern & Mike & the MadDog & when I learned MadDog was going to Sirius, I was overjoyed because now my two favorite radio people could be found in one place. Now, I was Standing Behind all of MadDogRadio from Day 1 & I had to endure a lot of itterations of the morning show. Until, one day I stumbled across the Morning Show that consisted of Evan & Phillips on my way to work. I recognized Phillips's voice, but did not know this Eric Cohen. I continued to listen because I was FASCINATED with Phillips natural ability to be completely clueless and brilliant in one sentence. Now the guys had a segment as we all know as #TweetAtMe. It was great and perfect for me, since I had so much time in the morning at my job & I had a Love for Twitter. So I started Tweeting. And Tweeting. And Tweeting. And tweeting from several accounts. It was Great. I loved it & one day, while in the bathroom at work, TweetAtMeBoys were born. It started as a group of 3 AWESOMEBalls tweeter (JPWilson1982, JeffTheGiant & Myself). We would tweet the guys consitently. Overtime, TweetAtMeBoys grew and grew and grew. Well, I had to quit my job to stay home with my kids because our daycare fell through. I was also finishing up my Masters, so my amount of tweeting went down, but the growth of the core people of Friends continued to grow and grow and grow. You guys know who you are, we all stuck together. And then the great Faux Pas by Doggie. Instead of saying Friend or Pal, Doggie said FAL. And BOOM, How ya doing FAL was born. One thing led to another and all of us dedicated fans who were interacting on Twitter & tweeting the show started referring to each other as FALs. And FALNation is born. But what does FALNation mean to me?


To me, FALNation means Family. Or FALmily one might say. Every FAL is there for one another. We Stand by each other through the thick and thin. We love the show and the show loves us. Do we fight, HELL YEAH. We are Family & Family fights every now and then. But deep down we all FALove each other.


I would talk all day about how much FALNation means to me. From giving me a place to vent, talk sports, bust balls and just be myself. To supporting me and my charities. We are FALmily and FALmily is 4-LIFE. 

Thank You Babs. Thank you Evan. Thank You FALNation I love you.-------------------kDoGG



I love sports talk radio and spend a lot of time in the car for my job. I found Evan and Phillip by accident Fall 2013 when XM dropped Fox Sports Radio and I was looking for a show that wasn't Mike and Mike. I was going through a difficult time and was looking for something to make me smile. The show quickly grew on me...my favorite part was the BabBite.

I found out I was pregnant Jan 2014 and listened my entire pregnancy. The guys kept me smiling through anxiety and morning sickness and getting fat. My son has literally been a FAL his entire life and we always listen in the car.

I like how the guys talk about non-sports related stuff as well. I remember listening the day after Robin Williams died when they talked about mental illness and addiction

I also love the drafts and would totally call in if I could think of something clever to say. I may not call or tweet much, but I'm a loyal FAL and think the show is great. (Sorry that was long-winded. #truestory )

Mountain Mama




As I sit in deep thought about the life alternative that I lead when I communicate with my FAL constituency, I actually don't know where to begin.  When I look back in retrospect, I've been listening to Howard since '81 and Chris Russo for 25 years....Uh kay!  Was that the birth of being different....I don't know. Uh kay!  Moving forward I started listening to Evan and Phillips in the morning from the beginning.  I know Steve had his detractors however I'm not his judge and jury so I gave the show a chance.  It was a good show, a weird show but a good show.  In my opinion, he used it as a springboard to move on and then he left. Trust me I get it, we all have done it at one time or another.  I digress.  I remember the first day of "Morning Men", there was an uneasiness about the show.  Then something happened..........."HOW ARE YOU FAL HAPPENED?"  I may not be one of the original "Tweet at me boys" However, I'm second generation FALNation.  All I can say is damn this thing took off! Evan and Babs found their footing and the birth of the movement was born.  Then Lisa and Debby put a brand to the experience and honestly without them, we wouldn't have an identity!   This identity comes from all walks of life, all locations around the world and all personalities you can't even begin to imagine.  This has got to be the only show outside of Howard where the audience is as much a part of the show as the hosts themselves.  Then you have a damned VP named "Longballs" and a retired porn star who does Fantasy sports; who in the hell does that?  Finally, there's Bear (yes, I'm going third person).  Who in the world calls in as a Bear and you don't know what in the world is going to come out of his mouth? Furthermore who listens and who understands.  It's the FALs that understand that's who.  We are still in the infancy of FALnation and that's scary. What's next TV, Movies, Broadway?  Okay Broadway is pushing.  All I know, when I'm listening or when I'm on in the morning.  I'm at home with my FALs.  I love you guys....uh kay and may that love go more than 25 years.  And to think this is only the beginning.  Bear is out!!!!

Shelton Luna